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Member networks

ʵ member networks

ʵ has a number of networks that enable members working in specific roles, with particular interests or who belong to specific groups of membership, to keep in touch and help national ʵ monitor and develop policy.

Some of these networks have formal roles within ʵ's structure, which include having elected advisory committees and annual meetings.

Love our ARPS

Academic-related and professional services staff

ʵ is the voice for academic-related and professional services staff (ARPS) working in UK higher education.

Adult, youth and community education staff

Information for ʵ members working in adult and community education.

Agency workers

ʵ represents agency workers operating within UK further education. Although there are no formal networks you can find more information on your rights and regulations here.

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Climate and sustainability

ʵ has active networks for members interested in climate and sustainability issues, which includes an email discussion list and a Slack workspace. Please see our environment pages for details.

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ʵ has active networks for black, LGBT, disabled and women members.

I support secure employment for all staff

Fixed-term, part-time and hourly paid staff

Fixed-term and hourly paid staff are faced with job insecurity which blights our further and higher education systems, bringing with it inefficiency, inequality and personal stress. Alongside this, part-time staff are too frequently not being employed on pro-rata pay and terms and conditions of service.

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Health educators

ʵ is the largest trade union recognised by higher education employers with national collective bargaining rights for health educators.

MRC, NIBSC and Imanet staff

ʵ represents staff employed by the Medical Research Council, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, and GE Healthcare (Imanet).

Prison educators - unlocking futures

Prison education staff

Prison education is the unsung part of post-school education. It plays a crucial role in work with offenders and the prevention of re-offending. Its lecturers work often work in the most difficult of situations, often with less support or respect.

Young members in ʵ

Information for young members in ʵ, including access to support and career development resources, as well as information for those wishing to get more involved.