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Staff vote to strike at Sheffield Hallam University over 'vicious job cuts'

3 June 2024

ʵ today announced that members at Sheffield Hallam University have voted to strike over drastic cuts and erosion of terms and conditions.

87% of members who voted have supported industrial action, on a turnout of 53%. Dates for strikes will be announced in due course.  

ʵ has accused the university of pushing ahead with expensive building projects and , while launching a wholesale attack on staff and students through an unprecedented cuts programme, severely breaching the post-92 contract and national framework, and destroying working conditions.   

The university has said a further 400 professional services jobs will be axed, with staff facing compulsory redundancy. Around 140 academics have already left following the opening of a voluntary severance scheme in December (2023) and the university has ploughed ahead with further job losses. 

ʵ general secretary Jo Grady said: 'Our members do not take the decision to strike lightly but Sheffield Hallam staff have voted for action because they cannot stand by and let management force though these outrageous cuts which would see teaching, research and academic standards torn to shreds.    

'It is disgraceful to see that rather than reviewing its spending on new buildings and a satellite campus halfway across the country, management would rather slash jobs, jeopardise academic standards, and tear up our hard-won terms and conditions. If university management do not stop these attacks on staff, they will face unprecedented disruption.'    

Last updated: 3 June 2024