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Courses in Scotland

The ʵ education programme in Scotland offers reps the opportunity to acquire new skills in a practical and supportive environment. Our ʵ courses are tailored to take account of Scotland's devolved nation status and where possible a member of the Scotland ʵ staff team will be present to advise.

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These are the courses for branch reps and activists currently running in Scotland.

If there are no dates listed for the course you'd like to attend, or if you'd like to be made aware of further dates, please register your interest here.

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Challenging redundancy: March 2024

The threat of redundancy has never been more acute for ʵ members. This course is for all branch reps & activists who are likely to be involved in challenging redundancies and/or supporting members facing redundancy.

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H&S 1 - induction: (health & safety role and functions) April 2024

This course forms the first part of ʵ's health and safety training programme. The course is for new health and safety reps, or those who have been in the role sometime but have never been trained, along with those in the branch who want to further understand the role, and legislation that enables health and safety reps to hold institutions to account. You need to be a ʵ rep/dept rep etc. to attend this course, but you don't need to be a H&S rep.

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Job evaluation: A collective approach, July 2024

This one day course is for branch reps and activists who are involved and interested in learning more about the importance of trade union involvement and representation in job evaluation schemes. The focus of the course will be around the use of collective action wherever possible.

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Representing individual members - an introduction to casework: May 2024

This is a course for reps who are new to representing individual members or those who are considering becoming more involved in the direct representation of members.

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Risk assessment - a safe way of working: April 2024

This online course has been designed for reps and activists who are looking to better understand the risk assessment process. The course will take account of the pandemic, look at how current health and safety legislation can help, and discuss strategies for involving members.

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Workload rep training 1: introduction to the workload campaign & the role of the workload rep, 6, March, 2024, half day, Online

This short course is open to ʵ activists and reps who want to build upon their knowledge of workload as a health and safety hazard in the workplace. You should ensure you have branch approval prior to attending and tick the relevant box on the application form. The ʵ workload campaign gives us the tools to tackle increasing workloads and working hours. The failure of employers to protect staff from excessive workloads and stress is damaging our health, our students' education, and our ability to organise to defend ourselves and our sector. This course will give you a generic overview of workload campaign and the role of the workload rep.